Words are the building blocks of human communication. We use them to express our thoughts and feelings and describe the world that surrounds us. They are living organisms whose meaning may evolve and change, shaping the contexts in which they are used.

The “Neighborwords” project highlights how geographical locations may color the meaning of a given term.

This is an ongoing project which investigates site-specific meanings of words in a variety of places, cities and locations. The lettering on each card has been custom designed, carved and hand-printed on Old Mill Fedrigoni paper.

Project by Alice Paviotti

“Coffee” series

Trieste, Italy

This series is about the unique way used in Trieste to order a coffee. Here are the terms you need to learn if you want to ask for a coffee in the local dialect:

Cappuccino coffee.
Capo in b
Macchiato coffee in a small glass.
Coffee with a drop of milk.
Espresso coffee.

“Daily life” series

Trieste, Italy

This first series is about some everyday words that have a meaning in Italian, but in Trieste are used with a different connotation. For example, while in Italian “bagno” means “toilet”, in Trieste is used to refer to the seaside. Here is the explanation of the four words as used by the local people:

I would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t.
Pressure cooker.

The lettering on each card is custom designed, carved and hand-printed on Old Mill Fedrigoni paper. All cards are 18x13cm (7x5").

Available for sale for €7.00 each, at Combiné — piazza Barbacan 4b, Trieste.
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